Saturday, 27 April 2013

Coming to a Festival Near You...! (UPDATED AGAIN!)

Hi Everybody!

Hope you are all well. Just a quick update on a few public appearances I'll be making in the next couple of months. Hopefully, by now, you'll all know about my Kickstarter project, Comic Book Babylon, and have pledged lots of money! Don't lie to me! I know only two visitors from this site have gone and done that. So thank you, you two. The rest of you, pull your finger out! But seriously, anything you can do to help is very much appreciated, even if it's just spreading the word to friends. It's now in its FINAL WEEK so be quick!

So, next couple of months are going to start getting hectic as we gear up for festival season! I'm doing two events at the Brighton Festival this year. The first is When Does a Comic Become a Graphic Novel? at the Dome Studio Theatre on Wednesday 15 May at 8pm. I'll be hosting a discussion with local graphic novelists Nye Wright and Hannah Berry, and Woodrow Phoenix, who's latest project, She Lives (see above), I raved about earlier. You'll get a chance to see the enormous book in all it's glory on the night. After the event there'll be several Laydeez Who Do Comics events in the bar until 10:30, so stick around. Should be a fun-filled evening!
Then, on Sunday 19th May at 6pm, I'll be at The Komedia, Brighton, on the panel game show of my mate, Dave Mounfield's new show, Best of Enemies, alongside Jo Neary and Guy Venables. Dave describes it as: 

“Let’s face it, nobody is perfect. Especially celebrities. But what if you could BUILD the perfect celebrity out of bits of various celebs and famous historical figures? What aspects of which famous folk would you choose and why? And what would they look like? And what would the perfectly AWFUL celebrity be like?!" 

This is the second night at the Komedia, and promises to be a lot of silly fun. Hopefully it'll get picked up for a TV series, so come along and say "I was there first!" All for just £5!! Bargain.

Finally, I'll be taking part as part of the Odditorium gang again this July. Last year Dr David Bramwell, Sarah Angliss, Colin Uttley, Ross Gurney Randall, Sue Bradley and I went down to the Port Eliot Festival and performed a series of talks, lectures, chats and events. It went down so well, we're doing it all again this year, only at The Secret Garden Party on 25-28 July. Expect all sorts of silliness, freaky facts, and bizarre stories (all true) featuring Herman Goering, Nuclear Bunkers, Rabbits, Sexy Superheroes, and Ghost Trains (not necessarily in that order). All the cheap tickets have now sold out, but if you drop me a line, we maybe able to get you some good bargains! Wink wink.

So, plenty to keep you busy, there! And if you do manage to pop in, do say hello and that you saw this on my blog, as it's always nice to meet my readers!

Apparently, due to some hoo-haa, The Critical Incident has been postponed until September, in an alternative venue. I'll still be doing my talk, only it will be better! News, as it happens...

I've also just agreed to take part in Paul Levy's Critical Incident on Sunday 26 May at the EmporiumThis year's theme is "Alone Together" and I'll be giving a talk entitled: Without You I’m Nothing: How Crowdfunding is Changing Culture at midday. It will look at how individuals are the new philanthropists and arts patrons, and how traditional, large media corporations are running scared. It will touch on my own experiences with crowdfunding and how the "Long Tail" has matured into a viable business practice. It'll be a facinating day of workshops talks and interactive sessions and always raises as many questions as it answers.

Ciao for now!



Rod Handler said...

Glad to see you got fully funded!

TimTrue said...

Cheers, Rod! As you can see I've been so busy I haven't had much time to do postings on the site! But more will follow soon! Thanks for your support and patience!