Friday, 1 July 2011

My Life as a Comic Character (Part 2)

Of course, I didn’t always actually appear in comics , but rather lurked in the back of them. Me old mucker, Garth Ennis had Tulip’s friend Amy teach at Pilcher High School in Preacher as a kind nod.

And in Hitman I was the oft-discussed, but never seen, “Timmy the Fish” (based on the wearisome “joke” than my last name sounds a bit like pilchard—a cross I bear to this day).

Timmy the Fish was Tommy Monahagn and Nat the Hat’s arms dealer, supplying them with all the weapons they need to enact bloody vengeance upon all those that cross them. Here's just a few of my non-appearances (all artwork either by John McCrea and Garry Leach, or just John). 
I sold Tommy his first gun:

When not arms-dealing I would act as a local snitch and informer with delusions of gradeur.
But I was a reliable informer:
OK, so maybe my equipment wasn't as always reliable as my information. Occasionally things went wrong with the supplies (sorry fellas!):
And here’s the book I “wrote” about Tommy, Nat, Sean, Ringo, Hacken and the rest of the Noonan’s gang:
So if you ever need to stage a small coup, or just holding up a grocery store, give me a shout. We do everything from small handguns right up to tanks. And we’ve got an excellent deal on 9mm Glocks this week. Come see Timmy the Fish – He’ll see you right. Because “Forearmed is not to be fucked with.”


Hayley Campbell said...

You, uh, you do know what "pilchers" are in Australia, right? I've been meaning to ask you. Because, y'know, in my head you're Tim Pilchers and one day I'm going to say it accidentally and it's going to get awkward. So let's just get it out in the open now.

They are these.

Lotsa love,
a fellow egotistical comic book character.

TimTrue said...

Sigh. Go on then. It's bound to be something lewd, crude and thoroughly disgusting.

The etymology of Pilcher, as far as I can ascertain, is the name of a fur trapper. Or "A maker of pilches, a kind of great coat or upper garment, in use in the fourteenth century. 'After gret heat cometh cold, No man cast his pylch away.'—Chaucer."

So if it involves fish and fur and know where your heading (due south).

TimTrue said...

Hah! Just clicked on the link. Not far off.

But then this is the land that gave us the Tim Tam and Vegemite, two infinitely inferior copies of the Penguin and Marmite.