Friday, 3 June 2011

Superhero Sex Video and Forthcoming Appearances

On Thursday 5th May I did a talk for one of the Catalyst Club's Brighton Festival specials, Sex, Death, Hell and Superheroes. I was preceeded Hayley Campbell's talk on From Hell and horror comics. This was the same talk as we did at The Last Tuesday Society.
Unfortunately, there were a few technical hitches (at 3:05) which meant we had to restart, and some of my intended images mysteriously disappeared, but the audience was very generous and forgiving. The whole event was filmed by Tim Pieracchi who very kindly edited out the worst bits and has given me permission to show it here in all its bumbling glory. Grab a cuppa settle down and enjoy 45mins of spandex sex talk.

A quick disclaimer: Apologies for any historical inaccuracies in the above clip which were caused completely by me being nervous and befuddled due to the presentation going tits up just after I'd started!

Rather embarrasingly I hold the dubious honour of having done the most talks at the eight year-old Catalyst Club (everything from Fifties Men's Magazines, The Great Cannabis Conspiricy, and The History of Ecstasy, to Indian Comics, John Willie, and Why Reunions are Not a Good Idea, and many more besides). Basically, it means they just can't shut me up! It happens on the first Thursday of every month. Check out the website and come along next time you're in Brighton!

Other forthcoming appearances where I'll be talking include:
The Catalyst Club: The Japanese Edition
Thursday 23 June, 7.30 to 11pm
The Festival Hub, Outside Moshi Moshi, Bartholomew Square, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1JS
I'm doing a brief talk on Osamu Tezuka: The God of Manga as part of the Brighton Japan Festival. There's a week of events based around Japanese pop culture including lots on Manga and Anime.

Comics and Conflict at the Imperial War museum
19 August 2011, 10am to 5pm
I'll be giving a brief talk about war comics as part of the museum's Children’s Literature Festival. Comics and Conflicts is conference that explores the ways in which comics around the world represent and articulate the experience and impact of war and conflict. Speakers include Pat Mills writer of Charley’s War; Garth Ennis writer of Battlefields; Mikkel Sommer writer and illustrator of Obsolete; Francesca Cassavetti who has republished her mother's wartime diary as a comic and Martin Barker and Roger Sabin who'll be talking about the depiction of war in the Guardian’s comic strip Doonesbury. Admission £30/students £15 (includes tea & coffee and entrance to the exhibition). Suitable for 16 years+

Other comics-related events happening at IWM include:
In Conversation with Pat Mills
19 August 2011, 4pm Author Pat Mills has been a pioneer and major contributor to British comics since the 1970s.  He co-created Battle Picture Weekly in 1975 and returned to the title in 1979 to write the ground-breaking serialised strip of Charley’s War.  Pat will be talking about the creation ofCharley’s War and the research that he and the late illustrator Joe Colquhoun undertook throughout the run of the comic. Admission £6.(Free to Comic and Conflict Conference ticket-holders) Suitable for 16 years+

In Conversation with Garth Ennis
20 August 2011, 3pm A rare opportunity to meet the author of Unknown SoldierWar is HellEnemy AceWar Stories and Battlefields. New Yorker Garth Ennis has been a major contributor to British and American comic books since 1989, following the publication of his strip Troubled Souls about the conflict in 1980s Ireland. Admission £6. Suitable for ages 16 years+

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