Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Comics Launch Pad

Last weekend I went up to Birmingham to talk at the Ingural Comics Launch Pad event. This excellent one day seminar is the first of it's kind in the UK and is long, long overdue. There were talks and workshops from a whole range of writers artists, editors and the like, including Tony Lee, Emma Vieceli and many more.

 Me, the lovely and obscenely talented Simon Gane, and the very affiable DC editor, Joey Cavalieri

My talk was on Being a Competitive Creative in a Global Market and was a look at how creatives can behave and act in ways that make them desirable to editors. Considering I was up against Al Davison teaching fight coreography in comics, Klaus Janson, and Mike Carey talking about writing, I had a reasonable and enthusiastic crowd of 15-20 people!

We had a whole room devoted to the Comic Book Alliance—promoting the organisation and our forthcoming Spirit of Hope charity anthology. It was great to see the team of GM Jordan, Eva and Grant Perkins and the rest of the CBA crew working hard there! I spent the afternoon going through people's scripts with them, which was a doubled-edged sword as it meant that I got to help out some very talented writers, but at the expense of not seeing a single panel. Again! Sigh. One day I'll go to a show as a punter and just enjoy it! This is what the astute Bryan Talbot did over the weekend.

 Me and my old mates John & Rachel McCrea. I love the way Rachel is looking to escape and someone's failing to give me bunny ears!

I was really impressed with the venue, the organisation and the feedback was all very positive. The question now, is how to up the game for next year? Kudos to James, Shane and Andy as ever. Already regretting that I can't make Birmingham Comicon on 27 August.

Me and Dr Bryan Talbot. We share a common love of red wine and black shirts. 
Which makes us sound like we're Oswald Mosely fans, which we're not, I assure you!

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