Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lanarkshire Larks: What I did Last Weekend

Just got back from a fantastic weekend in Glasgow (despite the torrential rain!) where I was up for Gary and Mhairi Erskine-Stewarts’ wedding cledigh. The do was attended by a whole host of comics people who'd travelled from as afar afield as France and Spain, including Mark Buckingham, Martin Conaghan, Vicky Stonebridge, Leigh Gallagher, all of whom, coincidently, contributed to the Comic Book Alliance’s forthcoming Spirit of Hope anthology. 
Above: Steve Pugh, Comic God.
Above: Patrick Chaduc, Frenchman in a kilt.
Above: Gary Erskine looking extraordinarily happy. Can't imagine why!
Above: The ever delightful Cindy and Julien Hugonnard-Bert

Plus, there was Hi-Ex Con co-organiser Richmond Clements, Steve Pugh, Frank Quietly, Ferg Handley (who I completely failed to talk to! Sorry, Ferg!) publisher Patrick Chaduc, Julien Hugonnard-Bert, and SFX blogger Stacey Whittle. There was much drunken dancing had by all, and one of the highlights for me was meeting Gary’s model for Digby—in his and Garth Ennis’ Dan Dare miniseries—no less than Mhairi’s dad, Fergus!
Above: Dan Dare meets Fergus Stewart
Above: Digby at the cledigh (photo by Vicky Stonebridge)

The evening was preceded by a delicious Chinese lunch with the lovely Grant and Kristan Morrison, who I hadn’t seen in a decade! Where does the time go? Saturday was filled with seeing sights and museum visits in the pouring rain.

Below: The beautiful St. Mungo's Cathedral, the oldest building in Glasgow (over 800 years old)
 Below: Some art from the "Glasgow Boys" in the Kelvingrove museum

 Below: The Last king of Scotland
 Below:  Nihilist graffiti.
Sadly I didn’t manage to get to Plan B Books, or catch up with Jim Stewart (Ganjaman) or John McShane (next time, fellas)!

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