Sunday, 20 March 2011

Personal Appearances

Man, I thought 2010 was a busy year, but this one's gone ballistic! Barely time to keep the blog up to date. Just to let you know, I'm making a couple of appearances early next month. I'm going to be doing a talk at the Last Tuesday Society on sex and death in comics. I'll be talking about:
Ever since Superman first appeared on the scene in 1938, superheroes have all been about sex. From Wonder Woman's 1940s bondage fantasies, through to costume fetishism, right up to the logical conclusion of the LA porn industry making "superhero porn parodies" Tim Pilcher takes you on a turgid tour through 70 years of carnal caped comics.

I'll be accompanied by the statuesque and self-effacing Hayley Campbell (daughter of Eddie—and that's the last time I'm going to say or write that, because she has easily stepped out from behind her father's shadow a long time ago) who will be discussing all manner of dark things such as horror comics and how her dad's work on From Hell fucked her in the head for life (or words to that effect).
I commissioned Hayley to write the forthcoming (eventually) biography of her Godfather, Neil Gaiman, for Ilex Press, and—as she put it—I'm apparently constantly dropping her in it!

So come along and join the "fun" in Hackney on Friday 8 April at 6pm onwards!
The following two days (Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April) I will be on the Comic Book Alliance stand at the Kapow Comic Con, so pop by and say hi; find out how you can get involved in the CBA; and see preview art from the Alliance's forthcoming The Spirit of Hope, a charity comic for victims of the New Zealand and Japanese earthquake/tsunami disasters. Plus, enter our raffle to win some great comic book prizes, kindly donated by Diamond distributors!

Should all be a right old larf! See you there!

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