Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Chad's, Quite Frankly, Beautiful Prize!

Well, our other main prize winner in December's Comic Book Alliance auction, Chad, has finally seen the personalised caricature of him drawn by Frank Quitely. What I love about this picture is that in incorporates a lot of Chad's interests and loves into one pure, distilled image (Sergio Leone movies, street art, snowboarding and the way Frank draws pinstripe trousers!)
Chad put it best  when he said, "Most definitly worth the wait... Thank you so much for putting this auction together... its a great feeling being immoritilized  by one of your favorite artists, I dont think it could have turned out any better... This has been a great experience."

Well it's a HUGE thank you back to Chad for bidding for the prize and an even bigger one for Frank for doing such a beautiful piece. Now Frank just has to hand it over to Chad at WonderCon this weekend. If you see either of them, stop them and they may just show you the thing of beauty in real life!

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