Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Grant Morrison, Batman and You!

Here's an update on the Comic Book Alliance's auction tomorrow (at 7pm GMT), more specifically about that guest appearance in Batman Inc.:

The auction will see the highest bidder guest-starring alongside The Dark Knight in his very own comic! Not only will the winner's name be included, but Chris Burnham (not Yanick Paquette as stated in DC Comics listings) will also draw their likeness into the story as well. All written by "the man who killed Batman"—no less—award-winning scribe and comics legend, Grant Morrison! 

BATMAN INCORPORATED is the new best-selling comic book from Grant Morrison highlighting the new status quo in the BATMAN series as Bruce Wayne takes the Bat-franchise global.
Morrison explains "The winner will have the choice to be brutally slain by the villain or dramatically rescued by Batman in a story that takes Batman in a desperate race across two continents and two decades in a spectacular battle to save the world from a terrifying new threat."

The winner will feature in BATMAN INC. #4 on sale 16th February 2011.

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