Thursday, 23 December 2010

From the WTF? Files.

Rich Johnston posted up a few of these "inspirational posters" on his excellent website, Bleeding Cool, but I thought I'd share my favourites with you here, in case you hadn't seen them. First up is a big bugbear of mine, crap "English" in comics and popular culture. I ranted about this when Frank Miller's The Spirit move came out, but below is the same sort of issue
It simply doesn't make sense! It's like that other crap phrase, "My bad." Your bad what? It's an incomplete sentence with no meaning! "Shame by you English?" You bloody should be! Grrr! —Ranty Claus.
Which leads neatly onto this one, which just made me laugh:
And finally, here's one that combines two of this blog's subject matters in one. If only he were naked, then we'd have the hat-trick!

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