Monday, 6 December 2010

Erotic Comics Volume 1: Slight Return

Sometimes you can be too successful. Take my book, Erotic Comics: A Graphic History Vol. 1. Or rather you can't take it, because it's been out of print for the last 6 months in the UK. The book has done so well that it's impossible to get anywhere without pay silly money for it (I've seen the first printing going for £80 on!). Which must've been very frustrating for those Brits who bought Vol 2 (still in print) but couldn't get the first book. But now the wait is over! Ilex Press are now bringing out a paperback edition in May 2011 at the very reasonably priced £16.99. The slightly revised cover is above and you can pre-order the book here for an even more reasonable £14.44. Do it now before it goes out of print again! Oh, and I just heard a Polish edition is on the cards. Still, it's strange that no Italian or Spanish publishers have picked it up yet! Come on fellas, I practically wrote the books with you hot-blooded Lantinos in mind. You've got a passionate reputation to uphold.

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