Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The One That Got Away (Part 5)—The Weldon Owen years (UPDATE)

Welcome back to my intermittent look at the comics that never were—the work I'd scripted, that talented artists drew, and yet—for various reasons—never saw print. This blog—and the next few to follow—were done for Australian publisher Weldon Owen, who were lovely people to deal with. They were looking at doing a series of children's non-fiction books that included some comic strips and I put together a few ideas.
This one is Robin Hood, and was supposed to (very loosely) tie-in with the theme of "trees" (hence all the different references throughout the story) and was drawn by the highly talented Chris McLoughlin. I've known Chris since my Vertigo days and I've always enjoyed working with him as he's a consummate professional. 

UPDATE: Chris managed to dig up the (almost) finished files, so here, for the first time anywhere, is the complete story with the very nearly finished art and text . Personally, I love the last page best, and the artwork is so lovely it's a joy to share it with you. Click on the pages to enlarge them. 
Getting projects cancelled seems to happen to me with alarming regularity, but we got paid, so all's well that end's well, I guess. Huzzah!

More "One's That Got Away" soon!


Matt Gibbs said...

Huzzah! Enjoyed that, shame it didn't continue, thanks for sharing it.

TimTrue said...

Cheers, Matt. Glad you liked it. Next up is the entire Perfect Storm movie in just two pages! Stay tuned!