Monday, 15 November 2010

Chinese Edition of Essential Guide to World Comics

Whilst trawling the Internet the other day I came across this image:
This is, apparently, the cover to the Chinese edition of my and Brad Brooks' Essential Guide to World Comics. I say "apparently" because our UK publisher, Anova Books, has seemingly licensed the rights to the Chinese yet have failed to remark upon this in any royalty statements we've received. 

In fact, I don't think I've received a royalty statement from them for almost a year now. It would be nice to at least receive a copy of the book as per my contract for my own files. So this might not be the final cover, for all I know.

In fact, I have another two books with them where the rights have reverted back to me, but I've heard nothing about this from them.

Nice to be kept in the loop. But then again, this is the publisher who went and remaindered a whole load of stock without informing us, or giving us the option to buy the stock at a discounted rate, as per the contract.


Perhaps I should have a word with them. 

UPDATE: I've discovered that I could buy the Chinese version of my own book from an online retailer here, but they have a different looking cover:
So, either this is the more recent/final version of the cover, and they are both published by Joint Publishing in Hong Kong, OR (worse still) this is another edition licensed out to another publisher (San Lian Shu Dian( Xiang Gang) You Xian Gong Si) in Taiwan! OR they are both pirate editions and Anova don't know about this (highly unlikely). Either way it's not looking good. 

Any of my Chinese-speaking friends out there can help me solve this riddle and see if there's a way of getting some money and/or books out of this for Brad and I? Anyone fancy a letter writing campaign to Anova books? Let's kick that hornet's nest! :-) 


Mike Collins said...

Geez-- this happens all too often- the copyright laws just seem to be to keep lawyers in business, the creatives never benefit!

I feel your pain about the pulping- I recently contacted one of my publishers about buying stock on a book I wrote and designed only to be told that they'd pulped em all because 'we changed our logo'-- I'd've bought all the stock!

TimTrue said...

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear you've suffered this fate as well! Ironically, Anova say that the book hasn't done THAT well, which is fair enough. But when you know there are sales that aren't being offset against your advance it does get a little grating to say the least!

I wouldn't even mind just a simple acknowledgement that they'd licensed it and sent me a copy, but it's the utter neglect that I object to! Working on both sides of the coin (as a freelancer and editor) I know communication is keen to keep everyone happy! Shame other editors (or more importantly, accountants) don't realise this.

Brad Brooks said...

Oh bloody hell. Again?!

TimTrue said...

Yup! Actually, I think this came out in April 2009, so even less excuse that they haven't been in touch!

There's a link with a different cover here:

Published by Joint Publishing in Hong Kong.

Go get 'em, boy! Kill! ;-)