Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The One That Got Away (Part 4) - The Unseen Marvel Comics

Well, here's the last of the comic strips I wrote for the orphaned Marvel Superheroes of Science. This one is by Mike Collins. If you look at the second panel you can see Reed Richards is reading a newspaper with a portrait of Spider-Man on. It was originally supposed to have a headline about the webslinger saving New York from Doc Ock's "Volcanomatron" thus tying in with the first strip and the start of creating the cohesive Marvel Superheroes of Science universe. Sadly 'twas never thus. This is the last in this series of unseen Marvel comics for you delectation and delight, I hope they were illuminating. Feel free to ask any questions or drop a comment, as intelligent feedback is always appreciated.

Oh, and I make absolutely no apologies for the terrible pun at the end.

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