Thursday, 29 July 2010

The One That Got Away (Part 1) - The Unseen Marvel Comics

Well, in this funny business they call comic books there are endless projects that professionals work their guts out to do, creating lovely works with high quality production values, get paid for, and then the projects never see the light of day!

It happens far more often than you'd imagine. The reasons for this are numerous, from lack of advance sales to companies going bust. I've adapted Alan Grant's Ace Lightning TV scripts for BBC Worldwide into graphic novels, written comic strips for Weldon Owen, and produced numerous other comics for publishers that have never seen print. So here, with permission, I'm posting you a treat—a strip I wrote for a partwork series I was developing with DeAgostini in the UK, Marvel Super Heroes of Science. The concept was to teach kids the basic principles of science using... well, you get the idea. Each week they'd get a magazine with science projects and part of a lab they would put together to test out the theories on. I thought it was a pretty solid idea—until the recession hit! Hey ho.

The Spider-Man: Magma Madness script is by me and the art is by Marvel stalwart Nelson DeCastro, who did a fantastic job. The lettering and the page surround are a tad ropey, however. The idea was to capture the tone of the old Sixties strips. Please bear in mind that if you are over 12-years old then this story is not for you. 

Next up is Iron Man by me and Gary Erskine.

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