Monday, 19 April 2010

Erotic Awards 2010

Well, the finalists of the 2010 Erotic Awards have finally been officially announced here and I have to say I'm in some seriously illustrious company! Striptease queen, Jo King, is down for the Lifetime Achievement Awards, as are Ian Jackson & Lesley Ann Sharrock (founders of Desire magazine). Desire gave me fab reviews of both my Erotic Comics books, so fingers crossed for them!

Other impressive nominees are Professor Stephen Guest (Academic of the Year);  John Stoddart (who's photographed everyone from Liz Hurley to Martin Scorcesse); LibDem candidate and porn film director Anna Arrowsmith, and Nick Davies (Writer of the Year). Nick is one of the best journalists in the country (if not the world) and having listened to everything he has to say—and been very fortunate to have had a pint with him down the pub—I throughly recommend everyone should read his excellent exposé on so-called modern journalism, Flat Earth News.

My Erotic Comics: A Graphic History 12 are up against some pretty stiff competition (no pun intended) for Publication of the Year, as Susan Quilliam's "re-imaging" of the classic Joy of Sex manual and Jo Phoenix's Regulating Sex for Sale: Prostitution Policy Reform in the UK are both in the running. Personally, my money's on Susan winning, but we'll find out on Friday 30 April. Good luck to all my fellow nominees!

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