Thursday, 4 March 2010

As Seen on TV

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I was watching the slightly anti-biased Cannabis: Britain's Secret Farms, presented by DJ Rickie Haywood-William (above) on the BBCiPlayer this evening where I was pleasantly surprised to see my books Spliffs 2 & 3 prominently displayed in the head shop Skunkworks in Brighton. Great advertising that would cost tons to pay for. The only problem is Spliffs 2 is out of print. Sigh. Still I have a few copies left and I can now sell it with the sticker: "As seen n TV"!

You can watch the documentary here until 10 March and the books appear at 37.16 into the program. It's worth watching if you have any interest in cannabis and the law. While there was one hysterical "Daily Mail" mother (Debra Bell) whose son smoked skunk for a while and so she "named and shamed" him in the press, there was a much more prosaic and sensitive mother (Kate Summers) whose son tragically committed suicide after skunk-induced psychosis. But as she points out "This can happen to some people. It doesn't happen to everyone, we know that. But it could happen and it can happen." [her emphasis] Kate had far more dignity, despite losing her son, than the ranty Debra, who came across as a self-righteous evangelist, justifying her actions "...It was personal empowerment. I had work to do."

People like that just fuel my fire.

"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine


Ben Dickson said...

People like that turn you on? :-S

TimTrue said...

No! What I meant was that she winds me up! As in the Prodigy lyrics! Listen to the song and you get the sense of my rage at sanctimonious people who think they know what's best for everyone.

Laughing Indio said...

What really does my head in is where are the hysterical mothers of the boys and gals who get glassed, choke to death on their own vomit, get beaten to death, fuck people they wouldnt usually touch with a sterilised bargepole, or suffer long term bodily damage etc? Due to gallons of perfectly legal booze that they throw down their necks every single weekend?
Yep Skunk is not that great for young brains but Alcohol is worse.