Tuesday, 12 May 2009

And the Police State Starts Here...

Well it was only a matter of time before governments start cracking down on creative stories that explore themes of state control. A comic writer, Mark Sable, was pulled in for questioning by 
TSA officers at Los Angeles airport for creating a comic, Unthinkable (Boom! Studios) which is all about 9/11 and terrorism.

How long will it be before all creative acts will need to be vetted through a state controlled censor? Scary, scary times, people.

More about the story here and here.

The problem seems to be that government officials can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, between a comic book and reality. What does that say about their IQ?

Strangely enough, I was discussing with a friend at the weekend how many US border guards in New York are comic fans. Whenever he's explained he's over in the US for a convention, they light up and are genuinely interested. I guess their enthusiasm doesn't extend as far as the West Coast.

"Thought crimes" upheld and seditious writing suppressed in the "Land of the Free"? Unthinkable? Sadly, not any more.

"Wake up" - Rage Against the Machine


gharbeia said...

Well, it's already happening in the darker regions of the world.

TimTrue said...

Thanks for the important links.

Yep, Egypt is a pretty repressive regime! Makes me feel guilty that I once greeted Mrs Mubarak with a smile at the Cairo Book Fair.

Still, that's something for the British and American governments to aspire to, eh? Clamping down on comics they don't like. I wonder if President Obama (a reported comic fan) will bring it up in his forthcoming Cairo keynote speech. Doubtful!