Tuesday, 24 June 2008

World's Greatest Graphic Novel

Mad about Maus? Wild about Watchmen? Very excited about V for Vendtta? Then get voting!

To celebrate the release of 500 Essential Graphic Novels (US version here) I'm chairing a panel at the next Birmingham International Comic Show on Saturday 4th October (or Sunday 5th October), where you—the audience—get to pick what is the all-time greatest graphic novel ever! Through a series of voting systems, classic comics will fight it out in a mano y mano battle to see who is the top dog, the big cheese, the numero uno!

But in order to kick things off we need a nominated list of at least 16 key titles to start with. And that's where you come in! On the right is a poll with 20 titles for you to vote on. However, this is not the definitive list and if your favourite isn't here, simply make a comment below and we'll mark that as a vote for that title. Voting closes on Friday 19th September. Ballot stuffing and vote rigging is actively encouraged, so tell all your friends and don't forget to come along to see which title wins!

I contributed a few reviews to 500 Essential Graphic Novels, and despite the lack of an author credit, it is well worth picking up. Even if you think you are well versed in sequential art I guarantee you'll find 2-3 gems you haven't read in there. Plus, me old mate Gene Kannenberg Jr. wrote some good stuff in there, along with a host of very good reviewers such as Fiona Jerome, Nigel Fletcher, Tim Seelig and Chris Rice.

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Garen Ewing said...

Very difficult to choose a favourite 'graphic novel', but a perennial fave of mine is 'From Hell'... so that's my vote!

roryroryrory said...

Here's a few more suggestions, all of which I like a lot -

Maus (1 and 2 or the complete works),
Northwest Passage,
Paul goes Fishing,
The David Wenzel adaptation of The Hobbit,
Castle Waiting,
Paul has a summer job,
Paul moves out, War's End,
The Fixer,
Salmon Doubts,
Melmoth (Cerebus book 6),
Gemma Bovery,
Hewligans Haircut,
and Akira (all 6 volumes of it)

I'd also like to suggest a lot of the Asterix books and a selection of TinTin numbers.

Chris Rice said...

We got the book in at Diamond this week, and I'm delighted with how it looks.
It is a little disappointing that we didn't get credits on the individual reviews, but I was kind of expecting that, so it wasn't a surprise.
I also spotted two mistakes immediately, firstly that the cover was credited to Bernie Krigstein rather than Jaime Hernandez, and in my review of Toth's Zorro, a reference to Kirby & Ditko was expanded to Josh Kirby & Steve Ditko...doh!
Nitpicking aside, it's a lovely book, and I'm immensely proud to have been a part of it. Now let's hope it sells well enough to warrant a sequel!

TimTrue said...

Garen - Good call! Your vote is noted.

Rory - Blimey! Got enough there? Some good ones I'd missed and they will be taken into consideration and at least 3 will get in if no one votes for the other titles mentioned above. I still owe you that blad!! Oy! Sorry.

Chris - I didn't even get a credit for my reviews AT ALL! Still I am mentioned as commissioning editor at the front so I can't complain! Yup, I spotted those gaffs (and a whole load more besides)! They'll get corrected when the book goes to reprint, and if you spot anymore pass them on to Ilex. 500 Essential Manga anyone...?

tonyknock said...

From Hell is probably it or perhaps The Freak Brothers in The Idiots Abroad, not just 'cos they are published by me, but also the completeness of the story and art in each book.

Faz Choudhury said...

Hallo Tim, I agree with Garen, it's mighty difficult! I think I'll have to vote for From Hell too, unless I can choose all of Cerebus?

I'm going to be a sad pedant and mention that I'm unsure about some of the choices on the list, namely the Cerebus, Sandman and Preacher options as they're only parts of a whole. It's either all of Cerebus or none of it for me.

Rory's listed some great stuff too, some Tintin and Asterix should definitely be up there. I almost voted for The Castiafore Emerald but I think in terms of major pieces of work and showing what the medium is capable of, From Hell or Cerebus are more suitable choices. There's a noticeable lack of any Tezuka too. And no Love & Rockets either!

See you at Brum hopefully!

Anonymous said...

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