Sunday, 15 June 2008

Well enough about sex...Here's the drugs...

My other book that's just out in the shops now (and selling fast - thanks everyone!) is
E: The Incredibly Strange History of Ecstasy. I wasn't wow-ed with the title, but it's still better than the working one we had, E: The Happy Pill! Hmmm.
The book packs in a hell of a lot of information in such as small space and I think I'm safe in saying it's the most heavily illustrated book on Ecstasy on the shelves right now. A lot on snobby music jurnos will probably look down on it (and yes, Mr Simon Reynolds, I'm talking to you!) because of the paucity of dance music history, but if they read the cover it's about the drug, not the music, otherwise it would've been called Rave: The Incredibly Strange HIstory of Dance Music (or even better Rave: The Happy Dance)!
So, if you liked my earlier books, the Cannabis Cookboook and Spliffs 2 & 3, you'll probably get some fun- and serious facts- out of this. I'll post some excerpts soon, along with some material that didn't make the book.

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