Monday, 23 June 2008

Listed in The Sunday Times Top 40 under 40

"THEY are the young guns tuned in to the accelerating pace of change in the media landscape - the trendspotters and entrepreneurs who stand to reap the biggest rewards over the next digital decade..."

And who should be listed there, but...

"Tim Pilcher, 38
Finance director, Clarion Events Dealmaker Tim Pilcher joined Clarion Events from Ernst & Young after advising on its buy-out in 1999. Since then Clarion has been sold twice more. The latest deal valued it at £120m. Pilcher aims to boost earnings from £11m to £50m in four years."

Nope, this isn't me, but I still want to know why the hell it isn't! We're practically the same age, for God's sake! Still, at least I can drag our name through the mud! ;-)

Tim - If you're out there, how about boosting my earnings?!

 "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me." - Rage Against the Machine


Gavin Burrows said...

Of course one of the best timewasters... I mean areas to explore about the net is finding people who share your name. I reckon the dance music DJ whose hobbies include snowboarding must hate getting confused with my comic fan-ness and other geekery. "But I don't watch Doctor Who, I do remixes!"

There's also a print manager in Zambia, a private eye cited in a court case, and a Policeman who appeared on Casualty.

Nice blog, BTW.

TimTrue said...

Hi Gavin,

Yup ego surfing is a whole new ball game. Look at Dave Gorman, he got a book and a TV series out of it!

Cheers for the nice comment. I look forward to your next club mix of the Casualty theme tune, and the latest edition of What's On in Lusaka.



Anonymous said...

Tim, don't forget you also own Bomb Squad Custom Music in LA and are systems director at RA. Where Do you find the time?

TimTrue said...

Well, it's true, I lead a busy life between those commitments, being a champion fly fisherman and up and coming tennis star, sometimes it's hard to get a moment's peace! ;-)