Friday, 13 June 2008

Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Well, here I go, dipping my toe into the wonderful world of random ramblings, about 5 years after everyone else has done it. I guess I should "set out my stall", as it were, and explain the point of this blog. Essentially, the title explains what subjects I'll be covering, but I will be also looking at civil liberties, human rights (particularly in the UK and US), films, books and mass media/pop culture and its response to all the aforementioned. 

I'm aiming to be as topical and up to date as possible, with insightful commentary and looking for a good debate if anyone's up for it.

I have written extensively on all the subjects mentioned and have strong opinions on all, which I will force upon you like some belligerent drunk on the late night bus home. Let's be friends, and fight the iniquities of governments... You and me against the world, pal!

But first... A quick plug for my new book....

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phil said...

Great stuff Tim. Good luck with your new blog.